General questions:

What is ELT Publishing Professionals?

ELT Publishing Professionals is an online directory that specialises in bringing together publishers and freelancers in the English Language Teaching publishing sector. The powerful search facilities and ability to place adverts significantly speeds up the process of finding, contacting and hiring the right freelancer.

Who can join ELT Publishing Professionals?

There are two membership types:

1) Freelancer

Anyone who works on a freelance basis or runs a company that provides services in the English Language Teaching publishing sector is welcome to join as a 'Freelancer'.  You will create a profile that will appear in Publishers' searches. You will also be able to advertise your availability to Publishers. Note that you will not be able to view other Freelancers' profiles or their availability adverts.

2) Publisher

Publishers, packagers and other organisations are invited to join as ‘Publishers’ to gain access to the directory and contact or advertise to Freelancers. Note that you will not able to view adverts posted by other Publishers.

If you are unsure which category you fit into (for example in the case of a group of freelancers working as a collective, or a very small publishing operation), please get in touch with us to discuss how the directory would work best for you.

How does the directory work?

There is a separate annual subscription system for Freelancers and Publishers, and each group accesses and uses the website in a different way.

Questions asked by Freelancers:

What are the benefits of joining the directory?
  • Compile a detailed, personalised profile entry complete with photograph.
  • Appear in Publishers' targeted searches for specific skills and experience. 
  • See and receive notifications about Publishers' adverts offering work.
  • Enable Publishers you already work with to see what other services you offer.
  • Post unlimited adverts displaying your own availability.
  • Post targeted adverts seeking specific types of work.
  • Access useful member discounts.
  • Explore a growing range of resource materials.
  • Access the members' closed discussion group (closed Facebook group).
How much does it cost?

We operate an annual subscription system which allows full access to our services for users. The current subscription rate for an individual Freelancer is £50 per annum. The subscription automatically renews annually unless you cancel your membership. The payment system is powered by Braintree, a trusted and secure provider. All details are encrypted. It is possible to pay by credit card, debit card or Paypal.

How can I check and update my profile?

To view and update your member profile at any time, log into your account and navigate to the ‘My account’ area. Here you will be able to view your current profile and update any of the details. We recommend reviewing and updating your profile frequently.

Why is it important to keep my profile updated?

We recommend updating your profile frequently in order to keep the web directory as current and as dynamic as possible. To encourage this, search results are ordered according to how recently the content of each profile has been updated. We also populate the scrolling ‘Featured members’ bar at the bottom of the Publishers’ home page from profiles that have been updated in the last six months.

Is it obligatory to upload a profile photo?

It isn’t obligatory to include a profile photo, but we strongly recommend that you do. It makes the Publisher-Freelancer relationship less anonymous, makes you more memorable, and often allows clients who have worked with you before to 'put a face to the name'. Most of our members have a photo, and only those profiles with photos can be featured in our scrolling ‘Featured members’ bar at the bottom of the home page.

What happens once I’ve been emailed by a Publisher via the online directory?

When you receive a contact email from a Publisher via the online directory, we recommend that you respond as soon and as fully as you are able to. Remember that the Publisher may have contacted more than one person.

Following the initial email, all correspondence will take place directly between you and the Publisher. ELT Publishing Professionals has no further involvement, and as such, takes no further fees nor any responsibility for any work arrangements that may ensue.

What if I'm contacted by a Publisher I don't recognise?

If you get an offer of work from a Publisher that you don't know, you might want to ask your freelance colleagues via our closed Facebook group whether anyone has experience of working for them. You can access this closed discussion group, which is only open to freelancers who are currently subscribed to the directory, via the Members' area on this website.

Will I be notified if a publisher posts a new Job Spot advert?

By default, you will automatically be notified by email when a Publisher posts a new Job Spot advert. If you wish to switch off notifications, navigate to the 'My account' area and click on 'My profile'. Click 'Edit my profile' and uncheck the box at the very bottom of your profile. You can choose to turn the email notification feature on or off at any time.

How do I advertise my own availability?

As part of your membership subscription you are able to post an unlimited number of personal adverts. Simply log into your account and navigate to the ‘Advertise your availability’ page, where you will be prompted to complete a simple form.

Adverts that you post are visible to Publishers but not to other members of the directory.

Why has my advert disappeared?

Note that all Freelancer adverts are programmed to be automatically deleted 30 days after the date of posting, or before if your period of availability ends before that day. This is designed to ensure that only current, relevant adverts are shown to Publishers. However, please feel free to place another advert after the 30-day period if you are still looking for work. Note that this only refers to adverts; your profile will be in the directory for a full year from the point of payment.

What if I'm a freelance project manager and I want to recruit another Freelancer?

If you are a freelance project manager and part of your role is to hire other freelancers, or if you operate as a very small-scale publisher, please get in contact with us to discuss your needs and how we can most effectively support you.

What happens to my membership profile if I cancel my subscription?

If you decide to cancel your subscription, by default we will immediately deactivate your membership profile so that it is not visible to Publishers, but we will retain your dormant profile entry in case you wish to subscribe again in future. If you wish us to delete all information that we hold about you, including your dormant membership profile, please state this clearly in your request to cancel your subscription.

How do I cancel my annual subscription?

If you would like to cancel your subscription, navigate to 'Manage my subscription' under 'My account'. Here you can contact us to let us know that you want to cancel your membership. We will then deactivate your account and instruct Braintree, our payment systems provider, to terminate your subscription payments. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.

Questions asked by Publishers and other organisations:

How do I find out if my organisation already has a subscription to ELT Publishing Professionals?

If your organisation's logo appears on the ELT Publishing Professionals home page, then your organisation has an active subscription to the service.

All Publishers (or packagers or other organisations) that subscribe to ELT Publishing Professionals are asked to supply the name and contact details of one person who will manage the administration of the account. This person can confirm the log-on details for you.

How many people from my organisation can access the database through the subscription?

Once the Publisher membership has been activated, there is no limit to the number of users. As part of the registration process, one person is designated as the account administrator. This person manages the subscription and issues the log-on details to those colleagues with whom they wish to share access.

How much does it cost to access the directory?

We operate an annual subscription system which allows full access to the directory. The current subscription rate for publishers, packagers or other organisations is £500 per annum. The subscription automatically renews annually unless the membership is cancelled. Payments are processed via Braintree, a trusted and secure provider. All details are encrypted.

I’ve forgotten the team password. How can I retrieve it?

Please contact your designated account administrator. If you are unsure who this person is, please use the contact form on this site to email us, stating the name of your organisation.

If I send an email to more than one Freelancer at the same time, is it personalised?

When you send an email to one or more Freelancers from the web directory, you will be prompted to input your name and email address. The email will be sent from your email address, but via our website. If you have chosen to contact multiple Freelancers with one email, they will not know that the same email has been sent to multiple directory members, but it is not automatically personalised to them within the body of the email.

What happens once I’ve contacted a Freelancer via the web directory?

The Freelancer will receive your email and it is up to them whether they choose to reply or not. Following the initial email, all correspondence will take place directly between you and the Freelancer. ELT Publishing Professionals has no further involvement, and as such, takes no financial fees nor any further responsibility for any work arrangements that may ensue.

Can I download a Freelancer’s details for future reference?

The downloading or recording by any other means of web directory members’ details is strictly forbidden. Members have given their express permission to appear in the web directory and to be viewed and contacted by Publishers who are members of ELT Publishing Professionals. Any copying or storing of members’ details is a breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (2018).

How can I see which Freelancers I have previously emailed?

Every time you contact a Freelancer through the web directory, a copy of that email will automatically be sent to you via the email address that you specified when sending the email. If you do not appear to have received that email, please check your spam email folder.

I need a Freelancer for a specific job immediately. What should I do?

There are two options open to you (in addition to browsing Freelancers and contacting the profiles that match your requirements):

1) Access the ‘Browse freelancers with immediate availability’ page, where you can contact Freelancers who have posted adverts showing their current availability.

2) Access the ‘Advertise to freelancers’ page. Here you will be prompted to complete a simple form which will create a ‘Job Spot’ advert. The advert will automatically be populated with your organisation's name and logo. Freelancers who have opted in to receive Job Spot notification emails will be alerted immediately.

Do I have to pay to place an advert?

No, placing an advert is completely free once the annual subscription has been paid. You and others in your organisation can place as many free adverts as you wish.

Can other Publishers see my advert?

No, only Freelancers and other members of your organisation can see the adverts that you place.

I'm working on a very sensitive project. Can I post an advert anonymously?

Your organisation's name and logo will always appear with adverts you post, but your personal name and email address will not. However, if you would like complete anonymity, we are able to post on your behalf. Please contact us to use this bespoke service.

Can I post a Job Spot advert for a permanent in-house position?

Yes, we welcome these kinds of adverts as we find that our freelance population is often flexible and open to new opportunities, particularly short-term, in-house contracts.

Do you charge any commission on Freelancers I hire?

We don’t charge any kind of commission when you hire a Freelancer through our web directory. Your organisation pays an annual subscription fee, and that is the only fee we charge.

Do you offer services such as screening, vetting and testing to help us hire Freelancers?

We do not offer these services as part of the standard annual subscription because such services demand a high level of professional investment in terms of time and skills. However, we are able to offer such services for an additional fee. Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can assist you.

I need help putting together and managing a freelance team. Do you offer this kind of support?

Yes, we offer a range of bespoke additional services tailored to your needs. Please get in contact with us to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.