Thought you might like to know that I got the contract with [publisher]. It's great! I'm so pleased. Thank you to ELT Publishing Professionals, as without you I wouldn't have had that 'in' with a publisher I've not worked with before!
Julia Bell (Editor - ELT Professional Development and Teacher Development)


It's useful for everyone if freelancers for ELT can be found in a one stop shop. ūüėä
Alison De Jager (Outsourced Services Manager - Manufacturing, Oxford University Press)


We're delighted to be part of the ELT Publishing Professionals family. Over the last year we have successfully sourced some fantastic freelancers and authors, all of whom we have now used on several occasions, and we're very happy to have them on board. The Publishing Professionals website is very user friendly, and the page showing freelancers with immediate availability has been very useful.
Sian Mavor (Executive Editor, National Geographic Learning)


Advertising my availability on ELT Publishing Professionals has been an excellent way of expanding my client base. I also find the discussions between fellow editors very helpful and full of useful, practical tips. The network is both highly professional and friendly.
Anna O'Smotherly (freelance editor and proofreader)


A big thank you for the marvellous thing that is ELT Publishing Professionals. I am working on a really complex, fast-moving project and recruiting editors and authors via job spots at short notice has been an absolute lifesaver. We would certainly not have had time to go around contacting individuals in the usual way and I have also met some really talented freelancers in the process.
ELT Publisher


We're really happy to be a part of ELT Publishing Professionals. Within a couple of weeks of signing up we went in, searched for the skills we needed and found the perfect person. The site is easy to use and filled with the best of the ELT freelancer community!
Jo Sayers (Head of Product & Technology, Learnjam)


Thank you so much for the past year! Not only does your directory provide such helpful advice, and guidance, it has helped me further my freelancing career and put me in touch with publishing companies I could only have dreamed of working with a couple of years ago. It has led to many ongoing writing opportunities, and has connected me with so many wonderful freelancers that provide such invaluable support. I know I’ll be a lifelong member!
Billie Jago (freelance ELT writer)


I recommend ELT Publishing Professionals ‚Ästnot only do they advertise writing and editing jobs, but they also actively bring publishers and freelancers together, organising social and networking events ‚Ästin-person and online. It is important to connect with other writers, for professional and moral support.
Monica Ruda-Peachey
(freelance writer and teacher trainer, blog post on 


I just wanted to congratulate you on the success of ELT Publishing Professionals and thank you for all your hard work in supporting the ELT freelance community, especially with all the imaginative and uplifting ideas you've come up with during the Covid-19 crisis. It's been a huge help to know that you are there.  Personally, I have benefitted in real terms by receiving much-needed work through a couple of successful applications to Job Spots.
Amanda Leigh (freelance ELT editor)


I've just started working on an editorial project after someone contacted me through your site. The project is right up my street and it seems very well organised, so I'm pretty happy with it. Thank you very much!
Claire Hart (freelance a
uthor & editor of print and digital ELT materials)


I was approached by a publisher very soon after signing up, so I can vouch for the effectiveness of being a member! Thanks!
Paul Ashe (freelance educational consultant and teacher trainer)


ELT Publishing Professionals is a brilliant idea. Really impressive!
Evie Godowski (Director, Tom Dick and Debbie Productions)


I've just joined ... I like some of the features they offer on the new site, e.g. free resources, useful websites, chance to advertise yourself, etc. The Facebook group for members seems quite active already. I'd recommend joining.
Pete Clements (freelance teacher and writer)


Fantastic directory of ELT freelance professionals. This is THE place for publishing companies worldwide to find the 'right person for the right job'!
Julio Menochelli (independent publishing and ELT business consultant)


I think it's a wonderful initiative! There's a real need for a more efficient way of matching publishers and freelancers, and both parties stand to benefit tremendously from such a system.
Alex Paramour (freelance writer)