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ELT and the Climate Crisis  developing sustainable students


Charlotte Ellis (Head of Strategic Marketing at National Geographic Learning)


Thursday 21 July 2022 at 2pm UK time

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The climate crisis is the biggest single challenge of our generation and without collective action we risk crossing planetary boundaries of no return. Far from fear-mongering we need to build awareness on the consequences of collective actions and how we can all help avert the crisis. Why the ELT materials? Why not? English will undoubtedly be the language the world uses to unite to solve this problem, it is the language of the UN Sustainability Development Goals and as ELT publishers we have a role in not only presenting the relevant language but also using our platform to raise awareness.

This practical workshop is about giving participants the tools to appreciate, understand and implement sustainability in our materials.


Charlotte Ellis


Charlotte studied Modern Languages (French and Modern Greek) at Oxford University and has long had a passion for sharing cultures and using languages to cross borders. Most recently her attention has turned to how we can use language and education to try to solve some of the biggest questions our generation has to face – that of climate crisis and sustainable living. Charlotte has recently studied with the Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership and is co-lead of the Cengage Green Employee Research Group alongside her role as Head of Strategic Marketing at National Geographic Learning.


Giving materials that sustainability twist


Daniel Barber


September 2022 (2pm UK time) - day TBC

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September 2022


In an emergency, everything we do should be geared towards ending that emergency. But as writers, editors and publishers we're constrained by market demands to fulfil a broad range of educational needs, from covering the topics to exam preparation. Is there a way to make sure more of our materials contribute to the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss, not just that unit on The Environment? In this session we'll be exploring what that might look like.


Engaging CLIL projects for the English classroom: bridging the gap between concepts and language 


Amanda McLoughlin


16 November 2022 (2pm UK time)

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2 November 2022


In CLIL teaching, subject concepts are the protagonists and language is the vehicle. As a result, language is aught and learned implicitly and the language acquired is driven by the needs of the subject matter. But English teachers have a language curriculum to follow, so how can we create materials that help us to join the dots between CLIL and language teaching in the English classroom? In this practical session we’ll be looking at creating CLIL materials for the English classroom. We’ll look at how ELT and CLIL materials differ so that we can begin to think about how we can create materials to bridge the gap between them.

PREVIOUS EVENT: Rules and explanations in ELT grammar (24 May 2022),

In this session, we will be thinking about explanations and rules about English grammar for learners of EFL. We will take a short trip through time, discussing how grammatical explanations for EFL emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, and will explore how they've changed over time. Using examples from a number of contemporary practice grammars, we will try to establish what makes a good pedagogical grammar explanation but will also consider the difficulties involved and the compromises that sometimes have to be made.

grammar slide

Graham Burton is a researcher at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy and has been involved in ELT for over 20 years. He has an MA and a PhD in Applied Linguistics, the latter focussing on the history and accuracy of pedagogical grammar explanations for EFL. He has worked as both an editor and author and has written materials for a number of publishers, including Cambridge University Press, Richmond ELT, HarperCollins, Oxford University Press, Macmillan, Pearson and Cengage / National Geographic. Some recent publications include Personal Best B1+ Student's Book (Richmond), Cambridge English Empower B1 Student's book (CUP, as co-author), and Collins Academic Skills Series: Presenting (HarperCollins), part of the ELTon award winning Collins Academic Skills series.

PREVIOUS EVENT: Item writing taster session (24 March 2022)

Exams should perhaps join death and taxes on Franklin’s short list of life’s certainties; and the world of ELT plays its part in this. As well as there now being a huge variety of certified proficiency, level and placement tests, course books routinely include revision tests and other assessments of progress.  Increasingly, ELT writers and editors are called on to produce test items – but how do the skills and expertise needed for item writing differ from those required for materials writing?

In this one-hour session, LT123 will introduce some of the key principles that guide item writing, considering the fundamental question: How do you make a fair test? We’ll explore practical examples of a range of test items across different language skills, looking at what makes a good, and a not-so-good, test item.  We’ll also highlight the key skills that item writers need, to give you a taste of the intricacies of item writing and editing.

LT123 title slide

 LT123 is a highly experienced and expert consultancy specialising in English language assessment, learning and training materials. It has been supplying assessment content to education ministries, major publishers and exam providers for over ten years.

Felicity O’Dell has been involved in item writing for a number of years and for various assessment organisations, including academic and younger learners. She has published many books for language learners, focusing particularly on vocabulary development and exam skills.

Frances Treloar has extensive practical experience of creating test content for a range of purposes and assessment organisations. She has a very sharp eye for writing and editing assessment design and content, and is skilled in training and leading item writing teams.

PREVIOUS EVENT: Have I got a novel in me? The transition from writing ELT to writing fiction (27 January 2022)

In 2015, after working in ELT for more than forty years, Ken Wilson enrolled on a Creative Writing MA course at Birkbeck College London, and subsequently published his first novel in 2021. In this talk, he will outline the main challenges faced by new writers of fiction, but also the advantages of coming from a background of writing for an ELT market, not least the fact that you've already had experience of the editorial process and, more important, you've had to deal with editors who may or may not be on the same wavelength as you. Ken will talk about the value or otherwise of doing Creative Writing courses, plus some thoughts on other useful professional development avenues, such as the writing workshops organised by the Guardian newspaper. Finally, some dos and don'ts about the exhausting search for an agent and a publisher.

Ken has written more than thirty ELT titles, including more than a dozen series of course books. His most successful course material is Smart Choice, an OUP American English course for young adults, first published in 2007. The fourth edition of Smart Choice was published in 2020.

Ken was one of the team of authors who wrote New Standard English, a course for China which takes learners from primary to college level, which was co-published by Macmillan UK and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Beijing. He is also Editor-in-Chief of a primary series co-published by Macmillan China and VEPH Vietnam.

His first ELT publication was a collection of songs called Mister Monday, which was released when he was 23, making him at the time the youngest-ever published ELT author. Since then, he has written and recorded more than 250 language teaching songs, published as albums or as integral parts of course material.

For many years, Ken was artistic director of the English Teaching Theatre, a company which toured the world performing stage-shows to learners of English. The ETT made more than 250 tours to 55 countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

title slide

PREVIOUS EVENT: Using PDF markup to the max and making your comments crystal clear (23 November 2021)

Whatever your role in publishing, if your work involves commenting on PDF page proofs, then using the available tools effectively will ensure clear communication of your changes, increase your efficiency and save you time.

On-screen PDF mark-up is one of the most common methods of making corrections to laid-out page proofs, but there can still be confusion around what tools and functions are available when marking up in this way, and what best practice looks like.

In this hour-long session Denise will explain her top tips for working with the free version of Adobe Reader DC, the industry standard software for checking page proofs. Everything that you need to do when marking up a PDF is available to you in the free software – no need for expensive licences for functionality that you won’t use.

Denise is a freelance copyeditor and proofreader who works with many different publishers on ELT materials. She teaches proofreading and marketing for Publishing Scotland and the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) and has been marketing director of the CIEP since 2017.

Denise Cowle title slide

PREVIOUS EVENT: How to make working with packagers and vendors work for you! (22 September 2021)

Packagers and vendors have been part of publishing for decades, but recently we’ve seen them playing a more significant role. As a writer or editor, you may now find yourself being asked to work directly with a vendor/packager rather than with the publisher and on most projects you are likely to be commissioned by them. In this highly interactive webinar, we’ll discuss in depth why this change is happening, and importantly, how you can best engage as a publishing professional.

We’ll explore the following areas, and for each section, we’ll hear what vendors and packagers have to say, as well as taking questions from the audience:

  1. The roles and relationships in the publishing ecosystem between publishing houses, packagers and vendors, technology providers and freelancers; visions for the future
  2. The ELT workflow between publisher and packager/vendor; how the role of the freelancer fits in
  3. How to engage with packagers and vendors; how to make the relationship work for you.

phoenix title slide

PREVIOUS EVENT: A deeper dive into Avallain Author (8 July 2021)

Following our very successful webinar last year, Avallain and ELTpp are teaming up again to look in more depth at the online authoring tool, Avallain Author. With the proliferation of digital learning, Avallain Author is an essential tool for ELT publishing, used by almost all the major ELT publishers to prepare their digital content. The webinar will give a quick recap of the basics, then demo some more advanced functionality and templates, and also tell you about an exciting opportunity to become a trained and certified Author Professional, ensuring your currency and competitiveness as a freelance ELT editor or author. 
Avallain will also be telling us about Avallain Magnet, their new all-in-one authoring and learning management suite for institutions and companies, which will open up new opportunities for digital learning, authoring and editorial services. The Avallain team will be joined by one of the first language training clients for Avallain Magnet, to give you direct insight into how this exciting new solution works in frontline language learning. 

Avallain title slide

PREVIOUS EVENT: Understanding the grammar of video (27 May 2021)

Does video sometimes feel like a foreign language? As the video element of ELT courses becomes more important, a working knowledge of its grammar and vocabulary is vital for authors, editors and anyone involved in course creation. This session aims to demystify and entertain while providing a survival guide to the basics of video. We aim to understand what video can and can’t do in the context of learning English. We will learn from some great movie clips so the session should be fun and as interactive as possible.

Adam Salkeld and Stephen Haggard were producers in BBC documentary and current affairs TV before they founded the award winning ELT video company DLA. We will allow plenty of time for participants to ask questions and to discuss the issues that video raises in the ELT publishing world. Come prepared.

dla slide

PREVIOUS EVENT: Global Scale of English: at the heart of Pearson's vision for English language learning (25 March 2021)
Webinar description

The Global Scale of English (GSE) is an extension of the CEFR for English, with hundreds more Can Do statements to address the needs of a wider range of learners. Critical to the project has been the development of tools and resources to support teachers and ELT authors in implementing the GSE (and the CEFR) in their day-to-day work. In this presentation, Mike Mayor explored why the GSE was created and looked at the resources that are freely available to support content creation.

On March 8 2021, Andy Bird, the new CEO, flagged the GSE as central to Pearson’s future English strategy for both the institutional and direct-to-consumer markets. This session also introduced Pearson’s first direct-to-learner service – English.com – and outlined opportunities for freelance authors to get involved.

GSE title slide

PREVIOUS EVENT: Moving Courses Online: Five Things to Consider (20 January 2021)

Online learning isn’t just a case of moving content from one format to another, or turning a live class or workshop into videos or a series of presentation and practice activities. For us it requires proper consideration of learning principles, the learner and the affordances of the technology being used.

LJ online title slide

In this session we will:

  • Give an overview of our methodology for moving in-person / offline content to an online learning platform.
  • Share tips on how to work successfully on an online project, including questions to ask, things to watch out for and tools to use.
PREVIOUS EVENT: An Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion (24 November 2020)

How can we, as publishing professionals, become more inclusive in the way that we work? With a focus on racial and ethnic inclusivity, this webinar will provide an introduction to evaluating your own mindset, the context for racist practices within publishing, and steps that you can take to challenge and rectify those behaviours. 

Ladybird title slide

  1. The terms diversity and inclusion – what do they mean? (referencing the harm created by exclusion/marginalisation)
    1. Marginalised groups (and under-representation as a symptom of marginalisation) – historical context, link to privilege
    2. Privilege
    3. Intersectionality (inc. context and founder of this term)
    4. Tokenism and identity flattening
    5. Equality vs Equity
  1. Focus on racial and ethnic diversity 
    1. Terms e.g. BIPOC and BAME – context and usage
    2. Racism – overt and covert – how our world and culture are organised
    3. Legacy of colonialism on British/ELT publishing – how that affects our publishing practices today (e.g. cultural appropriation, erasure – with examples of text and artwork) 
  1. What can we do? Practical steps to thinking inclusively as a publishing professional.
    1. PRH UK and Ladybird Education initiatives
    2. Understanding and acknowledging our own privilege
    3. Educating ourselves
    4. Committing to thorough research when required
    5. When checking material – text/artwork – what to keep in mind
  1. Further reading/learning suggestions

Chimaoge Itabor is currently studying a postgraduate degree in Law. They have been a legal volunteer for the Free Representation Unit, and have worked with charities such as Hestia and Refuge as a domestic violence support worker. Chima is a writer and poet, and has hosted panel events with groups such as BlkSisterhd on abolitionism. They are passionate about community organising, writing, and increasing awareness around white supremacy, colonialism, transphobia and patriarchy.

Kate Heald is Publisher at Ladybird Education, part of Penguin Random House UK. Ladybird Education publishes ELT graded readers for children, teens and adults, as well as home-learning material for first language markets. Penguin Random House UK is committed to making publishing a diverse and inclusive industry, working with partner organisations and individuals, such as Chima, in order to do so. Kate has previously worked at Macmillan Education and Collins Learning.

PREVIOUS EVENT: An Introduction to Avallain Author (23 September 2020)

As more and more teaching and learning goes online, the number of digital components included in ELT courseware is proliferating. Avallain Author is the go-to online authoring tool used by nearly all the major ELT publishers. It offers tools and software to create, maintain and publish interactive content and learning material, and is the world’s most flexible and powerful online authoring tool.
Avallain and ELT Publishing Professionals have teamed up to bring you an introduction to this authoring tool. This hour-long, live webinar is suitable for ELT/educational writers and editors. 

 Avallain presentation


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