The Survey of Freelance ELT Editorial Rates and Fees

2019 survey results now available – the next survey will take place in 2022

The Survey of Freelance ELT Editorial Rates and Fees takes place every three years, and the third survey took place in November 2019. The information gained is invaluable in revealing how freelance rates and fees in the sector have been behaving over time.

The survey is detailed and gathers data on fees and hourly rates across the ELT publishing sector for such tasks as proofreading, copy editing, content editing, writing, project management, consulting and training others. It also looks at emerging trends in negotiations, preferences for payment by set fees or hourly rates, issues surrounding increasing your rates in line with inflation, and so on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information gathered in the survey is in no way a recommendation or endorsement of any of the trends or rates of pay that emerge. In fact, our surveys tend to illustrate how rates have been largely stagnant for many years. This can have far-reaching implications when inflation and the increasing cost of living are taken into account.

ELT Publishing Professionals members have full access to the results of all three surveys in the members' area. If you are not a member, you can view the 2019 survey results and recommendations by using the button below. We will add you to our mailing list to ensure that you are notified when the next survey is launched. You can unsubscribe at any time.​

(The Survey of Freelance Editorial Rates and Fees was previously run by ELT Freelancers, but was brought under the banner of ELT Publishing Professionals in 2020.)